Oklahoma State University requires the Math Placement Exam to assess your preparation for the math course you plan to take. The OSU Math Placement Exam is designed to find the strengths and weaknesses of your mathematical knowledge, report results to you, and then, if necessary, provide you with online learning modules for improving your knowledge to prepare for the appropriate course. We found through years of analysis that ACT and SAT scores are not a strong predictor of student success in college math courses. The OSU Math Placement Exam is a much better predictor of what content you know and what material you are ready to learn next. 

Prior to enrolling in an OSU math class, you will need to complete the Math Placement Exam to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed in your first math course.

Incoming students should complete Math Placement after March 1 and it is recommended at least one week prior to your scheduled orientation program in order to enroll in math for your first semester. Please contact a local proctor to make neccessary arrangements, or If you have a webcam and a reliable Internet connection, you can take the Math Placement Exam with ProctorU for $10. 

Math Placement Exceptions

There are a few exceptions for taking the math placement exam: 

  • The first exception is if you have taken a college-level math course that is posted on a college (not high school) transcript showing successful completion with a grade of “C” or better in a prerequisite or required math course for your intended major. You can find required prerequisites in OSU's Catalog for the math course(s) required for your major.
  • The second exception is AP or CLEP exam credit. If you have your AP Calculus score and earned at least a 3 on the AB test, on the BC test, or on the AB subsection of the BC test, you do not need to take the math placement test. Please bring evidence of your AP score or CLEP exam credit to your orientation session. If you do not have your AP or CLEP scores, you should take the math placement test.
  • Please note that  zero-level, beginning algebra, intermediate algebra, and pre-college algebra courses are considered “pre-college level” and do not count as college-level math. Additionally, statistics courses do not serve as exceptions to taking the math placement.

  • Also note the Admissions Portal will only check off the math placement step if you have taken the placement exam. It will remain incomplete if you fall under a placement exception, but you will be able to enroll in any courses for which you meet the prerequisite. Bring unofficial copies of your college credit or test scores to your Orientation & Enrollment program as backup.


Prepare for the Exam

The best testing environment is a controlled location beneficial to your personal testing needs. If you would like to take a practice exam, you may access the test here. Your first completion of the test unlocks learning modules you should use to improve your knowledge and memory of mathematical concepts so that you may improve your score when taking the exam for placement purposes. Learning module questions are based on your practice test; therefore, practice tests should be taken seriously and without assistance (personal calculator, notes, etc.) An unproctored attempt can only be used for practice purposes, and it counts toward the five allowed attempts. Proctored exams are the only acceptable attempts for placement. Only one practice test is allowed. You may have the first attempt proctored so that it will count for placement.

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*NOTICE: You may not take the exam more than once in a 24 hour period (this includes practice exams). Therefore, practice exams taken within 24 hours of a scheduled proctored exam will make you INELIGIBLE to begin the exam.

Locations to Take the Exam

In order for your score to count toward course placement, the Math Placement Exam must be completed in a “proctored” environment. There are both online and in person options for this.

ProctorU proctoring: If you have a webcam and a reliable Internet connection, you can take the Math Placement Exam with ProctorU, an online proctoring service. The cost is $10. You should schedule the appointment more than 72 hours before the time you want to take the test to avoid being charged extra for a last-minute appointment. We recommend testing a week before your orientation session. More information is available at the ProctorU site.

If you prefer not to test via webcam and a location close to you is not currently listed as a testing site, you may have a local site (usually part of a learning center, high school, or college nearby) register at to establish itself as a certified testing site.

Taking the Exam 

Testing locations are available in Oklahoma and surrounding states. Your testing site will explain their process for completing the Math Placement Exam at their location. Additional instructions and tips are located on the Math Placement Exam website so you know what score is needed to be placed into the appropriate math course for your intended major. Cost depends on the testing site. The online proctoring is a good option for those who live a great distance from a proctoring location, and the cost is minimal and outlined on the placement website. 

It is strongly encouraged to locate an in-person proctor near you. In-person proctoring is often less hassle, and your score is certified immediately. Online proctoring with ProctorU can have technical issues, and takes 3-5 business days to be reviewed for academic integrity and uploaded for enrollment in OSU's Banner System.

Because the assessment is designed to place you into a course in which you are likely to succeed, it is important both for you to try your best and not to use unpermitted resources. Cheating on a placement test has particularly harmful implications for your academic record and GPA because you get placed in a course for which you are likely not ready. Using unpermitted resources on a placement test is a violation of OSU's Academic Integrity Policy, and "suspension from the University may be recommended for cheating on required prerequisite exams..." (Academic Integrity Policy, 2.04D)



To place into

Minimum score of


Minimum grade of "C" in

MATH 1493 Applications of Modern Mathematics 25 OR MATH 1483 or MATH 1513
MATH1493 Applications of Moderm Mathematics 
(MATH 1493 with corequisite)
15-24 OR None
MATH 1483 Mathematical Functions and Their Uses 35 OR MATH 1513
MATH 1483 Mathematical Functions and Their Uses
(MATH 1483 with corequisite)
25-34 OR

None (Sections are only for students
who do NOT require "Prep for Calculus" or Calculus)

MATH 1513 College Algebra 40 OR MATH 1483
MATH 1513 College Algebra
(MATH 1513 with corequisite)
30-39 OR None
MATH 1583 Applied Geometry and Trigonometry 50 OR MATH 1483 or MATH 1513
MATH 1813 Preparation for Calculus 56 OR MATH 1513
MATH 1813 Preparation for Calculus
(MATH 1813 with corequisite)
53-55 OR None
MATH 2103 Business Calculus 60 OR MATH 1483 or MATH 1513 or MATH 1715 or MATH 1813
MATH 2123 Calculus for Technology Programs I 65 OR MATH 1613 or MATH 1715 or MATH 1813
MATH 2144 Calculus I 75 OR MATH 1613 or MATH 1715 or MATH 1813
MATH 2144 Calculus I
(MATH 2144 with corequisite)
70-74 OR None
MATH 2153 Calculus II N/A OR MATH 2144
MATH 2163 Calculus III N/A OR MATH 2153
MATH 2233 Differential Equations N/A OR MATH 2153
STAT 1013 Statistical Literacy 20 (and no remediation)    
STAT 2013 Elementary Statistics 50 OR MATH 1483 or MATH 1513
STAT 2013 Elementary Statistics
(STAT 2013 with corequisite)
30-49 OR MATH 1483 or 1513 with grade of D, MATH 1493 with grade of C, 
or STAT 2013 with grades of D, F, or W.
STAT 2023 Elementary Statistics for Business and Economics 50 OR MATH 1483 or MATH 1513
STAT 2053 Elementary Statistics for the Social Sciences 50 OR MATH 1483 or MATH 1513
STAT 4013 Statistical Methods I 60 OR MATH 1513
STAT 4053 Statistical Methods I for the Social Sciences 60 OR MATH 1513
CHEM 1215 Chemical Principles I 56 OR MATH 1483 or MATH 1513
CHEM 1314 Chemistry I 56 OR MATH 1483 or MATH 1513
CHEM 1414 General Chemistry for Engineers 56 OR MATH 1483 or MATH 1513 or MATH 1613 or a higher level MATH course
CS 1113 Computer Science I 56 OR MATH 1513
GEOL 1114 Physical Geology 56 OR MATH 1513
PHYS 1114 College Physics I 56 OR MATH 1513

Your overall score will range from 0 to 100. This is not graded on the “A, B, C, D, F” scale. A 15 test score is the lowest score that can qualify for an OSU Math Course. A 75 test score is the highest math placement score. Because the Math Placement Exam has no calculus content, it cannot be used to place into any course above Calculus I. (Consult with your academic advisor about the appropriate level of math for your background, major and/or career goals.)

Scores are valid for one year after the exam was taken.

For information about math remediation, please see University Assessment and Testing's site here.

Re-taking the Exam

Following the practice attempt, you may take the exam four additional times during an 11-month period. A minimum of 24 hours is required between each testing attempt to allow time for work in the learning modules. A proctor is required in order for the resulting score to be used for placement. 

To take the exam a sixth time, students need to get permission from the math department. Once permission is obtained, the test must be taken at the OSU Testing Center. There is an additional fee for a sixth attempt or for reactivating an account after a year. First attempts after an expired account is reactivated must also be taken at the OSU Testing Center.

Documentation Needed at Orientation / Enrollment

Generally, no documentation is needed as your proctored test scores are automatically uploaded to the enrollment system. However, in the following cases, you might need the indicated paperwork to avoid delays in math course enrollment:

If you take the Math Placement Exam within a day of your enrollment program, bring a copy of your score report in case your scores haven’t yet uploaded to the OSU system.

If you’ve completed a college-level prerequisite or required course for your major with a “C” or better and haven’t already sent your official transcript to OSU, bring a copy of your transcript. If you have AP Calculus scores or have passed a CLEP exam, bring a printout of your scores.

Bring a transcript to Orientation even if you have sent a copy to Admissions in case of a delay in processing. 

If you’re currently enrolled in a college-level prerequisite or required math course for your major, bring a printout of your academic class schedule. With proof of enrollment, we can help you enroll in the next required course. After you finish the course, send official transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at least one week prior to the start of class.

Accessibility for Students with Disabilities

There are no audio elements in the OSU Math Placement Exam, and the exam is untimed. Most students complete the exam within two hours. Consult your proctor site to arrange the amount of time you need. Microsoft magnifier or similar products work with the exam. There is not currently a screen reader. Use of a human assistant is permitted for students needing a screen reader. Use of the mouse is currently required, and it is not possible to print out the exam in advance due to the computer-adaptive nature of the exam. A human assistant is permitted for students needing assistance using the mouse. For additional questions please contact Student Accessibility Services or by phone at 405-744-7116.


Be a Proctor

The academic integrity of the off-campus proctoring site must be at the same high level as on-campus proctoring. To accomplish this, the proctors must meet certain qualifications.

Co-workers, associates, friends, family members and neighbors are not acceptable proctors, regardless of their professional positions, or whether Domestic or International.

All proctors will be verified prior to sending any tests, and a company/business email will be required to send all quizzes and exams to. NO Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc. email accounts will be permitted.

Domestic Proctor requirements:

Official testing center of any college/university/community college campus, business, or military base.
Librarian at a local library
Human Resource personnel of a qualified business.

International Proctor requirements:

ONLY an official testing center may serve as a proctor.

If you are interested in becoming a proctor for the Math Placement Exam, please fill out the application.  It takes 1-5 days to be approved to be a proctor.


Contact Us

Regarding prepping or retaking the math placement exam, or placement in a math course:
OSU Math Department

Regarding proctoring, becoming a proctor, or purchasing a new ALEKS account:
OSU Testing Center

Regarding ProctorU technical or scheduling issues:
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